Friday, June 17, 2011

NEW BOOK: Animal Character Design: Grizzly Bears

‎(blaring trumpets) A sneak peak at my new book to debut at SD Comic Con: This book, ANIMAL CHARACTER DESIGN:GRIZZLY BEARS, is the first in a whole new series of design books. A series that will target specific animals and get more in-depth to designing that subject. In the end the mechanics are general and vital to any design, but shared through a theme. Therefore, the lessons and approaches I share are applicable to all subjects for character design. I created this book for those who want to learn and also for those who simply appreciate my craft.

The book is 68 pages full color hard cover and retails for $25.00 but I am offering it for 20% off the cover price when it first debuts at San Diego Comic Con(so only $20.00!!) at my booth (H5: DavidsDoodles-David Colman)- Every year people say its hard to find so the best way to find these lettered aisles is to go to the end of the 1000 and 900 block-I am just inline with that area.

Shortly after the con it will be available on my site with new tshirt designs that are also debuting at the con) and of course on Amazon but at the regular $25.00 retail price.