Saturday, July 21, 2007

Something new along w/Comic Con 07 info

You all know me as the animal guy, which I greatly appreciate and quite proud as well, but I find myself drawing alot of the same animals.. So I decided to try a different rodent this time, a chinchilla, and try a different approach;This is a watercolor and gouache on cardboard. I have been collecting the cardboard inserts from book boxes for instances just like these. The scan does this piece no justice,regardless I am temporarily satisfied w/this first crack.

On to more pressing news, my table is in the same spot this year as it was last, H5, right next to Stephen Silver and in the same aisle as many other greats, Alberto Ruiz, John Nevarez,and many more. From the main entrance it is in the back right and I am listed under Davids Doodles-David Colman. Please come by and check out my book,prints, and good conversation.

See you there.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This is a recent commission of Hank, the Maltese known for his trademark longer then normal goatee. I am not normally a fan of small dogs but this guy had alot of character.