Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday Card 2007

Here is this years Holiday Card(2007) Unfortunately, I have been so busy that I just finished it late Tues night and by the time I get it back from the printer it may be more like a New Years card for everybody, but had to get it right and enjoyed doing it. I am moderately happy w/it as there was a few more things I wanted to do for the finishing touch, se la vi. Good practice for my digital painting skills. Next year, I will have to start earlier if I plan to be so ambitious.
Happy Holidays to everyone here on blogspot.


SIM-R said...

Yes - same kind of stroy here .
Finished mine rather late also .

Really nice job on this .
Great expressions and designs .

The best to you and yours for the holidays .Cheers .

Piotr said...

what an awesome card! happy holidays, always inspiring!

Ted Bramble said...

Really great style... dang!

Sidney Meireles said...



Process Junkie said...

Merry Xmas, Pal and a healthy and prosperous '08!!!

Hans said...

Hey David!

What an awesome card!!!! Nice paint job and excellent always. It's been a while, but just wanted to drop by and wish you and the family a Happy New Year. Hope to be more active on the blogs in the new year.

Take care and see you in '08!


LauraBraga said...

hi David!!
great illustration!!it's amazing!!
i love your designe!!!:)

and.. happy birthda...ops......happy new years!!!!!:))



Matias Hyde said...

Greetings from Madrid, David!
I loved your blog!
And this christmas card is really cool!

Richard Gaines said...

Dave, your work just keeps getting more and more sublime! I love the coloring, particularly on the bear's mouth.

Simply fantastic!! Oh, yeah! And I hope you had a Happy New Year!!

marcobucci said...

Great work - and I LOVE that dragon sketch below. Happy new year! Keep the posts flowing, man!

Rodrigo Lara said...

Very good...Exellent art and design!!!!!!



The Animating Irishman said...

Great use off your skill, which is there for everyone to see. I pleasure to look at.


shishir naik said...

Amazing painting skills.Great work!

Frankie Stellato said...

Wow Dave thats fantastic! Looks great!

Mark McDonnell said...

Man. This is a great piece Davie. Great designs, great painterly feel, and movement. Impressive my friend, very impressive,


Lena said...

Greetings!Very much very pleasant New Years images!Мы катимся с горы Прошлого в Будущее..Good bye! Elena.Moscow

Simon Says said...

thats bad ass!! NICE!