Friday, August 03, 2007

San Diego Comic Con 2007

Well, another year has passed @ the internationally famous San Diego Comic Con 2007...The prep is endless, the crowds are as massive as they say, but still it is one of the most exciting experiences for all those who attend and exhibit. This was the first year in San Diego that I had my book, The Art of Animal Character Design, and despite it being out on the market since March I sold 250 copies!!! I would chalk that up as being a successful convention. I sold 120 to the attendees and Bud Plant took my entire remaining stock that I brought which was 130.....luckily my book continues to be successful for them.
I also did quite a few commissions for people; this year offering them on cardboard that I have plenty of from my book boxes. I photographed several of my favs and posted them here for you all. Some other random photos as well. Please stop by and let me know if you have any pics to share.....Till next time...have a good summer..


John Nunnemacher said...

YES, ComicCon is a great experience ... glad to hear your book continued to do so well! It's certainly worth it!

Darn it all, I was thinking of asking about a commission after I stopped by your table to say hi, but with the business of the con at hand I never got back ... oh well, maybe another year. :)

Lafe said...

Great designs. To be able to do that on the spot takes tremendous talent and creativity.

Not to mention being spotted among the thousands.

Marcelo Vignali said...

I was talking to Richie yesterday, and he said, "Have you been to Colman's blog? He's got some really good stuff posted."

So, this morning I thought I would check. Wow, very fun stuff. Hey, you comin' to the BBQ?

twister said...

J’ai découvert ton travail à travers "the art of animal character design"
C’est trop la classe.

Tevik Avakyan said...

Love the drawings! Thanks for posting them.

Bobby Chiu said...

Love the girl sketches David!

Gary Ham said...

great commissions David!Of course my favorite had to be the girl on the giraffe! Start preparing for next year! lol

Alikins said...

congrats on the book sales!! yay! :)
now, i need to get to a convention so i can get one of those outstanding cardboard commissions!! they are all fantastic!! lucky lucky folks :) [yes, i'm jealous] ~ maybe next year for me.