Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Art Show_David Colman

Well after a very successful exhibition @Wondercon 2007 w/my new book The Art of Animal Character Design, currently available @
  • David's Doodles Store

  • I came back to Cartoon Network w/only one day to get ready for my art show and book signing, here @ the studio.
    The art show too was a big hit.. @ one point there were over a 100 people....or so I am told.. as I was busy schmoozin and welcoming people I had not seen in a long time. It was nice to see some of my industry peers like Octavio Rodriguez, Louie Del Carmen, Patrick Morgan, Mike Collins and family,the omnipresent Mark McDonnell, Andres Alavarez.... and honored to have the likes of the great Paul Felix and Dean Yeagle roll through. Even Thomas Perkins and Bob McKnight managed to stroll on through.....
    Not to mention my always supportive family and friends....and my loving Susan, who sat beside my side to manage the credit card machine which thankfully was creatin smoke by how many cards it was running...Luckily she switched off w/my friends mother Cheri, also manning the machine.
    A very special thank you to Joe Horne for spinnin such great tunes throughout the evening....and to Cartoon Network for sponsoring the event.

    There was also a chance for the CNS employees to sign up for a new class I am teaching starting next week, here @ the studio. An animal character design class taught during lunch time. The class filled up quite fast.... I am very excited that so many employees are interested. It will be a great class!

    Thank you to everyone who came by and showed their support.... I really appreciate all those who attended..

    These are a few pics from the show,,,..... the photographer apologizes for the blurriness of some photos.


    13toon's said...

    wow wish i was there,i have to leave NY nothing happens here.well MR.Colman you are just amazing,your design are smooth, clear,and clean,that is something i am trying to reach in my drawings.well i order your book can't wait to get it and start learning new things. well bye 4 now.

    P.s. check out my blog when you can,if you have any tip for me please throw them out there.thank you again.

    Piotr said...

    i can't wait for my book to arrive! congrats on the reception dave. awesome work!

    Andres Alvarez said...

    Dave, that was the best time ever really put the show together well. Just wished you got onto mic and said a few words, anyway maybe next year.

    Congratulations again from the ADC crew and me!

    TURCIOS said...


    adrian said...

    Man I wish I could have been there. Congratulations again on the book. You must be ecstatic!
    Hope the class is a blast as well. Lucky Guys!

    flipstudios said...

    this book looks awesome man. i'm definitely grabbin a copy. the shapes, the forms, the motion ...its all insane. huge fan here.


    Kanokadafi said...

    Congrats on your book man, I wish you all the luck, your animal drawings are on some next level homie, oh BTW is that big Chuck Patton in that last pic?

    Mark McDonnell said...

    Still waitin' for that piece of gold my friend,