Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Transducer Man_development

This is a piece I did awhile back for Frank Squillace(producer on Juniper Lee). Development work of the main character, I did quite a few sketches and did some color versions too as you see here. Its a great project and I wish Frank the best on it...it has every reason to succeed


Monday, August 14, 2006

Incidentals_Class of 3000

Here are 2 henchman characters I did for a later episode of Class of 3000. They are only in one scene but hope to throw them in more for season 2. I wanted to share these w/ya'll as they seem to make people chuckle a bit. Permitted to post as they are so minor in the show.(Digital_Alias Sketchbook Pro) To answer your question, Nov06 is when Class of 3000 is scheduled to debut.....

Friday, August 11, 2006

Field Sketches_Amsterdam zoo

Last nite

Well, I am returning to the states tomorrow and although I had a great time I am ready to come home. Here are some pics of my sketches from the zoo, done in a small 4x6 sketchbook made up of nice colored paper. Just photos, so forgive the quality and lack of access to a scanner....Posted some other random photos here too
will add more later..


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More pics from Amsterdam

Well, you all know me, even though I am away on holiday I still have to study. Get out there and lift some weights.... My sister and I went to the Artis Zoo today, not that large but a really nice zoo. I got to see some animals that I usually don't like a snow owl, and several others. In addition, they allow the visitors to get super close to the animals...even the wild cats...Got to see a black jaguar from only a 2 ft away and check out the pics of the giraffe.
Due to the time of year there were also tons of babies.....guess fall and winter was cold......
Overall, I enjoyed the visit and what struck me most was the amazing sculptures they had around the grounds. I will post some of my study sketches soon.....

Went to the Rijks Museum day before yesterday.....seeing some of Rembrandt's work up close was a real treat. I only posted one pic from there, a beautiful painting of some gamecocks...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Alles goed in Amsterdam

Hello ya'll, well I am posting this while visiting my sister and her boyfriend in good ole' Amsterdam. Arrived early this AM and its 9 hours ahead here, can you say jet lag?? So far the weather is perfect, the people are intriguing and the beer is mantastic!!10 Euro for a case of Heinekein??? GENIUS!!!! Not much else to say but I will try and post a few times while I am here. Enjoy these few pics, me on a canal, my sister about to enjoy our first biertje, also quite a few dogs walking around... I couldnt pass up taking a pic of this 10 week old chocolate lab puppy. Susan, this is all for you baby.