Sunday, August 06, 2006

Alles goed in Amsterdam

Hello ya'll, well I am posting this while visiting my sister and her boyfriend in good ole' Amsterdam. Arrived early this AM and its 9 hours ahead here, can you say jet lag?? So far the weather is perfect, the people are intriguing and the beer is mantastic!!10 Euro for a case of Heinekein??? GENIUS!!!! Not much else to say but I will try and post a few times while I am here. Enjoy these few pics, me on a canal, my sister about to enjoy our first biertje, also quite a few dogs walking around... I couldnt pass up taking a pic of this 10 week old chocolate lab puppy. Susan, this is all for you baby.


potato farm girl said...

Oh wow! Good you finally get a break. Take lots of photos and post lots of awesome sketches!

Hans said...

I always have to explain to people in the states that I'm Danish, not Dutch! I don't know why Denmark and Holland always gets mixed up over here. It's not even like the countries are close to eachother. I could understand maybe Norway or Sweden, at least that's all Scandinavian countries. Well, nice pics:) I've actually never been to Amsterdam, but would love to go some day. I hear they have some nice coffee shops;)

Take care and enjoy your trip,